My WTOK Internship Experience

Amicia Ramsey and I worked together the most during my internship.

During my time at WTOK Newscenter 11 in Meridian, Miss., I gained valuable insight to the broadcast journalism world.

Being from Quitman, a small town near Meridian, I grew up watching WTOK.  It was humbling to shadow journalists I felt like I had known for years because I had watched them on the news.  My internship experience also allowed me to see my community in a different light.  WTOK helped me become more confident in myself as an aspiring journalist, and that will always be special to me.

Below are packages I created during my time at WTOK.  Each story, I went out with reporters, recorded footage, conducted interviews and edited packages.  Some stories aired on the evening news while others were for the experience.  Overall, WTOK and all the news staff were selfless in their guidance and so helpful during the entire internship.  From constructive criticism to hands-on experience, my first internship further solidified my decision to become a journalist.



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